Tree Services & Solutions in Amesbury, MA

We are a fully insured, full service tree care company serving residents in Amesbury, MA and we enjoy providing endless tree care solutions to the same community we call home. Our team consists of awesome people who love what they do and who bring years of expertise in many areas. We take great pride in the fact that our employees are all experts in stay up to date on all industry practices, regulations, and certifications. We would love to introduce you to one of arborists, plant health care specialists, tree removal specialists, and tick/mosquito removal experts today!

Amesbury, MA Tree Services

Tree Removal
Stump Grinding
Tree Planting
Cabiling and Bracing
Tick and Mosquito Control
Shrub Pruning
Tree/Plant Healthcare

Your trees and shrubs add tremendous property value to your home. They are a long term investment for your curb appeal. Plant healthcare is the proactive approach to maintaining tree, shrubs, and ground cover through holistic cultural management and integrated treatments.

Our Plant Healthcare Specialists hold unique licenses and offer unique expertise. We offer a variety of options and are happy to provide you with a unique custom approach for your home.

Tree Spraying: Our 80 ft tree sprayers reach new heights for our clients. Gypsy moth spraying and winter moth spraying are the most common applications with tree spraying.

Tree Injections: Some trees with insects and disease require a systemic approach. We implement industry standard tree injection services by our licensed pesticide applicators.

Bark Spray: Some trees benefit from systemic bark sprays for sucking insects.

Deep Root Fertilization: Most trees need help with health and vigor and can benefit from our deep root tree fertilization program.

Fungus and Diseases Control: Through injections, sprays, and proper management, we can control fungus and disease on your trees and shrubs.

Tree Pruning

We proudly offer a comprehensive solution for all your tree pruning / tree trimming needs. Pruning is a horticulture and silviculture practice involving the selective removal of certain parts of a plan such as branches, buds, and roots. We offer a variety of tree pruning solutions based on each individual tree and its needs.

Removal of dead branches: Your yard is a place of relaxation and peace. We can help provide peace of mind by helping to avoid an accident from a falling dead branch.

Canopy raising: We have all come across properties that are just encased with tree limbs, perhaps that property is yours. We have a simple solution-- our canopy raising program. Allow our arborists to identify and prune branches to help promote health and longevity of your tree and make it look appealing.

Crown reduction: No, we will not top your trees, but we will provide a better solution. Trees that homeowners want to preserve after die back in the top of the tree can benefit from this service. We perform rejuvenating cuts to give your tree a few more years of life.

Shaping: We can prune trees in a way to control growth so your tree is not only pleasing to the eye, but it is also healthy! For this type of solution, you can expect to have us out every 2-3 years.

Thinning: Tree thinning can be used to help prevent fungus and diseases from sprouting up. It will also help reduce the risk of storm damage. For this type of solution, you can expect to have us out every 2-3 years.

Fruit Tree pruning: Unlike most of our competition, we understand the proper techniques for reach fruit tree in order for you to get the most out of your fruit trees. We also offer micro orchard installations for those of you who want to go no further than your own backyard for apple picking. For this type of solution, expect to have us out every winter.

Ornamental tree pruning: If properly cared for, ornamental trees add a significant amount of value to ones property. Leave it to our arborists with unique expertise to properly prune and maintain your ornamental trees.

Building clearance: Often times insurance companies require a certain clearance of branches from your roof. Our arborists can come out and assess what needs to be pruned for you to satisfy your insurance company’s request.

Tree Chipping / Brush Removal