Commonwealth Tree Surgeon proudly serves the communities within the North Shore of Massachusetts.

We are a small, boutique plant health and tree care company located in Andover, MA. Our focus is on the preservation and overall health of trees as well as tick & mosquito control. We're a small operation and we enjoy providing high quality as we serve the same community we call home.

Tree Services & Solutions

Servicing the communities within the North Shore of Massachusetts. Don't see what you need? Contact us today to find out if we can help you find a solution.
Tree Removal
Tree removal is a hazardous job in the hands of the inexperienced. Our removal crew has over 35 years of ...
Tree Pruning
CWTS offers a comprehensive solution for all your tree pruning / tree trimming needs! Pruning is a horticulture ...
Shrub Pruning
CWTS offers a comprehensive program to take care of your ornamental shrubs / foundation shrubs. Many landscape companies ...
Stump Grinding
A stump grinder is a piece of equipment that grinds stumps below grade. We typically shoot for 4-6 inches below grade ...
Plant Healthcare
Pruning is a horticulture and silviculture practice involving the selective removal of certain parts of a plant such as branches, buds, roots ...
Tree Chipping / Brush Removal
Do you have a stack of brush or branches in your yard? Give us a call we have multiple chippers and chip trucks that can handle your brush piles ...
Tick & Mosquito Control
We offer traditional control and organic control keep your loved ones save from EEE and lyme disease this season.
Tree Planting
Trees and shrubs can cost hundreds if not thousands in plant material for just the plants! Let the arborists at CWTS hand pick and plant your trees and shrubs.
Cabling and Bracing
If there is a defect in a tree all is not lost! We can introduce our cable and bracing program to save the center pace of your yard ...

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Client Testimonials

My trees have never been healthier or happier 🙂 CTS does a great job of identifying the root cause of my tree-related issues and coming up with an affordable solution that saves the integrity of the tree. It is a breath of fresh air to have a company that doesn't want to just remove trees, but actually cares about preserving them and keeping them healthy. Highly recommended both in terms of service and pricing!
Natalie M.
Chris and his team are the best. They're responsive, informative (without being condescending), and very fairly priced. Our trees love them! I'm happy to show off the great work they've helped me do in Reading. I highly, highly recommend them.
Megan F.